Elon Musk Says Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Be Uncontrollable!

Elon Musk seems to think it’s too late for humans to reign in Artificial Intelligence. He claims he has tried to warn people for years & they didn’t listen. Sounds gloomy, but there’s some good news! He seems to think that humans merging with computers is the best route. Sounds crazy? According to Musk, you’re already a cyborg! Your cell phone computers are now an artificial attachment of your human persona. He also discusses upcoming news with his new company Neuralink. Watch the entire clip below or click here to listen to the full Joe Rogan Experience podcast. It’s wild.

ELON MUSK Explains How Computers Will Soon Be Out Of Human Control

Very Important Conversation.Video Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Posted by World Cloud on Friday, September 7, 2018