REPORT: Google Search For “Trump” Results In 96% Liberal Media. Bias Or Fair?

A shocking (or not so shocking) report by PJ Media found that 96% of search results for “Trump” on Google were directing them at liberal media. Click here to read that report & article.

The debate now would be, is the Google algorithm fair & balanced or is it biased? According to reports from Deadline & others, a Google spokesperson denied Trump’s claims of bias.

But interestingly enough, other reports explain how Google’s algorithm works according to Google.

According to, “Pages that spread hate, cause harm or misinform or deceive users are given low ratings, Google says.”

So what is “hate”, “causing harm” or “misinformation” according to Google? Are they enforcing these extremely broad terms objectively or not? The enforcement of this wording has caused much confusion & dismay among many popular YouTubers who have been demonetized, suspended & even had entire channels deleted due to Google’s confusing set of rules.

Employees at Facebook recently spoke out against internal bias by boldly stating: “We Have A Problem With Political Diversity”. Also stating further “We are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views.​ We claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack—often in mobs—anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology. We throw labels that end in ​*obe​ and ​*ist​ at each other, attacking each other’s character rather than their ideas.”

Twitter CEO recently has admitted social media has left-leaning bias.

So the question remains, how biased is Google? How are they enforcing misinformation & hate speech? How do you even enforce hate speech?

Countries like Germany have started invading homes over “hate speech” & according to reports Britain has arrested thousands.

Once again, what is hate speech? To those who hate hearing the truth, the truth may be considered hate speech. To those with massive political bias & favorability, anything opposing their viewpoint may ring the “hate speech” bell. In a country like the United States of America, freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our entire culture.

How do we regulate this online? Is it a private business or public utility? Should government get involved or should companies be free to be as biased, one-sided & discriminatory towards opposing thoughts as they’d like? This is an answer that has yet to be given & a looming issue that has yet to be solved.

God bless America, God bless the free world & best of luck to all involved.

– An0maly