2018 Is The Greatest Year Ever! Let’s Be Appreciative.

There is enough news telling us how horrible the world has become. We still have major improvements to make, but let’s not kid ourselves. We are extremely fortunate! What a time to be alive! Let’s take a look at blessings in 2018 that are often overlooked:

Food, Water, Shelter: These are not guaranteed! An estimated 783 million people do not have access to clean and safe water worldwide. If you have running water, take a moment to give thanks!

Computers: Our generation has been blessed with powerful supercomputers all around us & even in our pockets (cell phones). Yes, it has made the world pretty anti-social & weird, but lets be real. We are very lucky! It has made almost every aspect of our lives much simpler. We just have to find our happy place between over-consumption of technology & primitive living. We can do it!

Car Service: Remember having to take taxis everywhere? Me neither. Thanks to innovation of Uber & Lyft, we can now summon rides in a matter of minutes on an affordable, car-tracking application in the palm of our hands. In some cities, taking a private ride is just as cheap as taking the train. Thank you, 21st century!

Delivery Food: Our ancestors had to gather & hunt for their food. We get ours fully-prepared with the click of a button! Whether by phone or tracking app, are we not extremely lucky? Wow!

Flight: We can fly through the sky to anywhere in the world! Pretty powerful. Before Wilbur and Orville Wright took flight on December 17, 1903, none of this was possible. AND we get to watch movies & have WiFi while doing it.

Health & Wealth: Despite fear-mongering from politicians & media, we are healthier & less poor than ever before. Many reports have shown that extreme poverty is down, child mortality is down, basic education is up & literacy is up! Our life expectancy is a blessing compared to centuries in the past. Healthy lifestyle is starting to take the world by storm & awareness is at an all-time high. Yes, many improvements can be made but let’s give ourselves some credit! We’re getting there.

I could go on all-day, but you get the point. We are very blessed! We are very fortunate. Yes, we can work on improving the current landscape. But, can we do so without so much negativity, hate, fear-mongering & pessimism? I bet we can!


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